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Go To Prison


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Do the same thing everyday, By coaches methods it's ok, You're boring, by transitive, well, I am too, Carried over, pinned on you, You're boring, Shackled down in reportoire, I am amazing, Six months past unthinkable, Life cruelly hazing, Nights for weeks I'm off the grid, Hiding where the junkies hid, You're boring, You're doing lines, I watch TV, A contest in monotony, You're boring, In Loathing our shared destiny, A freeing summation, I insult that which I've become, A divine correlation, I've got the itch, you've got it too, When all is lost, what's left to do? You're boring, Ecclipsed by what, My name implies, decharacterized, You're fucked
Victim To Be 02:56
I am not crazy, I am merely afraid, My time's been spent, My options weighed, Now I am pitted, Front and center stage, Seatbelt unfastened, The sweet ache engaged, Remain suspended past and futures, With twice the blood and half the sutures, Remain suspended past and futures, With twice the blood on my hands, Victim to be, Reach down to pet, A pathetic display, Waste of regret, Act out of hatred, I acknowledge my own, I have bet nothing set in stone, To simply exist, I'm a sick kind of free, Just a placeholder for all the things I will be, I am not a toy, No, I am a man, A victim always, Of circumstance, I wish that I had my very own chance
Breakfast 01:28
I got beat up and shit my pants, Fell off this plane of existence, And found ideals that carried me through youth, I drifted deep asunder with the memories I'd plundered and discovered ambiguity of truth, Breakfast, Hit by a bus hitchin a ride, Seperate us never confide, Crest of the tried, Safer than sound, Ringing so wide, Chemistry bound, Breakfast is my bestest friend around, I am the best I am the worst, Embarked short­sighted, ill­rehearsed, Sociopath, hittin' the town, Fallin' in love, Wearing a frown, Breakfast is my bestest friend around, The ballet I perform and wrote, To the chorus of "I told you so"s, My mistress in a wedding gown, Breakfast is my bestest friend around
Sycophant 01:46
I always have been a pariah, The planet took me by the balls, I was kissin ass before I learned to crawl, Tired of livin' like a guppy, When I feel like a shark, A smile to the face, I'm sneering when the room goes dark, You're not so pretty without your fuckin' teeth, Upstairs wanting, collapsing to the street, It really is a pleasure that we get to meet, I'm a sycophantic, you're a sycophantic, I'm a sycophantic, you're a sycophant, People are useful, People are tools, To cut, copy, paste and bend and break the rules
Forever Sad 02:01
Living, Dying, Such a drag, Wasted feeling forever sad, Expectations, way too high, Disappointment, boohoo I'm sad, A beam of light it's my window of opportunity, I draw the shades and I go back to sleep, I am a lousy son, I cooked drugs on my silver spoon, I blew my education too, Cause bein' bummed out is too much fun, Dying living at my dad's, Ce la vi blah forever sad, I can't help it, It's just who I am man, wah wah wah, I'm so fuckin' sad, No turning back, no second chance, my bed's been made, So I just lied down and I fuckin' stayed, Savvy ambivelant, Can't figure it out, am I appeased or pissed? I am Adonis, I'm Narcissus, So kistch blase' irrelevant, I guess that I should be doin' something with my life, Apply myself and clean my room, I could be learning a trade, I could be seeing the world, But I need the adventure like a hole in the head, I'm a shallow, lazy, parasitic nuisance to you all, just stayin out and getting fucked, I'll be havin a blast, If I run outta cash, I'll just sell all my stuff on craigslist, uh oh, Yeah I'm the shit your mama warned you all about, You stepped in me and tracked me through the house, C'mon it ain't so bad, This time I think I turned my life around, Pulled a couple 180's now I'm XBOX bound, Happy forever sad
Framework 02:05
Rip out the framework, Inspired by nothing, So feral and awkward, And hope itself burning, Suffice to say I've met my match, In human interaction, Naysayer crux embodiement, Sentient in fractions, Debrief the new guy, Sheltered emotions, Grit your teeth and take it boy, I am an island, you are the ocean, Back the fuck up, Shut 'em down, Challenge intensifies, Put my best foot forward, Trip and fall, You will go down with me, down this spiral stairwell, Pierce the membrane through, A new paradigm, All that you remember, I will hold dismembered, Scattered like confetti, The accumulative crimes, I whisper to you: I'm screaming, But you refuse to hear me, This is a confession, I am a decoy, A target for sharpening, Call on the fire, So pleasantly disheartening, The womb in which I spend my hours planning insurrection, Is a symbol of perversion, I'm an infant by deception, And you're hiring a sitter
Terrible 01:33
Terrible ­ your future is Terrible ­ today's episode is Terrible ­ it's not like this is unexpected Terrible ­ your drinking is Terrible ­ this mirror is Adequate ­ The dollar bills have been collected Shootin' down and flakin' out a sweet display of love, Capsized and infatuated reigning from above, Decisions levered ties been severed one too many times, Wearing down for months and now I'm ripe to make the climb, Oh my god this song is fuckin' terrible, Booked and looking like a clown, On chartered plain and trampled ground, Never winding down, Circle after circle routes are never rearranged, Wearing down for months and now I'm right to make the change, Outside of reach, too high, I'll hide out back, My sentence stacked, Never a clear thought arrive, 'Til time goes black, And the pendulum swings back, Knock me barely alive, All hail caffeine, I'm hangin' outside chugging tea, Leave me alone, Terrible terrible me
Little Bags 02:09
Never miss a ring, Missed the exit some odd miles or years, Turn this ship around, Celebrate a rom­com getting clear, Die! Distance equals time, We'll test this theory in reverse, Die! Everything is pears, and things seem only to be getting worse, Nuzzled deep in a asshole's bosom, an asshole just like me, Live within my means, Smuggle single servings I repress, Tiny little bags, Twisted, tied, filled with my loneliness, Die! These mushrooms might be bad, Need a hundo nannas in the sack, Die! Bananas equal value, Get a life before it floats away cause it ain't ever comin' back, Like a water balloon, Hurled at an unexpecting passerby, I spill my guts to strangers, 'Cause it makes jeans just a little tight, My heart junk wants a roll in the hay, My desire clearly instagrammed, Had we known of the light bridges, Would not have bothered with the trams
Grimespree 04:56
A source of knowledge, A well of pain, The wilted ruins of a muse that wouldn't take, Poorly crafted spans of time, Unrepentant in devotion to a life of grime, Fragile protection, From the fear of faith forgot, I am nil in the war for attention, Hidden and meek, A subversive plot, Is this autonomy? Sorted, spread out, fuse lit, kaboom, with detail, destruction, the new american room, An unwilling participant, I will not abide, But someone must let me out, I'm pleading, bargaining to little avail, The glances away just like knives in the back, Cycle shatters, Exquisite alone, A spatial disorder, never close still too near, The knocking is incessant, An index randomized, such a crowded abyss, The updates repair me to broken default, A passing resemblance, To new frontiers that consume me, I am still at my core a defendant, Forbidden is defeat, fell my jealousy, I want to lie down.


Go To Prison is the debut release from New Orleans hardcore upstarts PEARS. Since its limited release in 2014, Go To Prison has taken the punk scene by the balls and refused to let go. Needless to say, we at Fat Wreck Chords are huge fans and after a few overtures we successfully convinced PEARS to let us rerelease this monumental album.


released July 24, 2015


all rights reserved



PEARS New Orleans, Louisiana

Zach Quinn - Vocals
Brian Pretus - Guitar/Vocals
Erich Goodyear - Bass
Jarret Nathan - Drums

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